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Where can I park in Beaumaris?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

A question we are often asked is whether we have private parking. In years gone by, Castle Square used to be a car park, but it has arguably been put to better use these days as a communal gathering space and so the closest public parking to the hotel is Beaumaris Green, which is managed by Beaumaris Town Council. Most popular destinations struggle with parking facilities, but the Green provides hundreds of spaces right on the sea front with spectacular undisturbed views. The hotel is just across the road from the Green and visible from some of the rooms. The rates for the Green are reasonable at £6 for 24 hours if entering before 6pm and £3 if entering after 6pm. There are also pay and display car parks located above the Castle heading out of town on the left, and at the leisure centre Canolfan Beaumaris. You may need to queue during peak season or before large scale events to get onto the Green so factor this in if you are on a time schedule.

If you have an electric vehicle and need a charging point, there are 2 charging points at Canolfan Beaumaris. There are also charging points a short distance away at the library in Menai Bridge.

So although we don’t have parking on our doorstep, we have the next best thing which is a huge public car park less than a minute’s walk from our front door. You can now enjoy your journey to us in the knowledge that a stress-free parking experience awaits!


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